Indentured Excellence.

Marx predicted a world of workers alienated from their labor. This never came to pass. The new economy has connected open-minded patrons with hungry, enthusiastic doers. Unfortunately, opportunities in indentured freelancing have disproportionately favored white doers. Sambo challenges that injustice as the first labor marketplace app to exclusively feature black workers.

The Triangle System

Breeding greatness.

After four months of incubation and product testing in South Carolina, we're ready to take the world by storm. Whether you need help in the office, home, or field, there's a Sambo ready to help. Our groundbreaking Triangle System sorts doers into Field and House specialists, ensuring quality service. Field Sambos specialize in completing active, hands-on tasks with speed, accuracy, and a smile. House Sambos provide the well-spoken, bootstrap-pulling perspective needed for more white-collar tasks.

  • New Sambos take a series of low-pressure tests of strength, wit, and skull shape.

  • Based on their scores, Sambos are divided into House Doers and Field Doers.

  • Talented House and Field doers auction their time to eager patrons.

  • Your needs are taken care of.

Our Founders

Blake Snow

“I believe in helping people. Nothing more, nothing less. With Sambo, I’ve brought us one step closer to ending racism. The venture capital money is nice, but I don’t let it distract me from what really matters.”

Blake Whitman

“I’ve always felt kinship with the blacks. After my mother cut me off, I learned what it meant to suffer in a rigged system. Now I give them the means to move forward, and one day found their own startups.”

A Girl

Diverse Girl Things
“I’m not really sure what these guys are up to, but they pay me to stand in group photos and smile at reporters. I hope it’s legal.”

"Sambo" isn't just tech jargon. Our name recalls the proud history of high-quality, low-cost African-American labor. We're proud to bring that tradition into the 21st century.

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